3D-part recognition

in the blink

of an eye.

The next step in end to end 

digital manufacturing!

The AM-Vision unlocks industrialization in your 3D-printing facility.
3D-printing itself and also several finish steps along the line are batch processes. With high mix and high volume – ideally one piece flow – identifying unique parts has become a time consuming, labor intensive task. You can now automate this with the AM-Vision.

Process Flow

Sorting is a recurring and by far the most labor intensive step in your production process. With the help of the AM-Vision one operator can easily process 6x the normal manual volume. The machine also helps preventing mistakes, saves space and provides extra capacity during the peak hours just before pick-up.

Fast and Accurate

As your operation turns towards more demanding industries, the time constraints in the production process increase. The AM-Vision enables multiple sorting runs per day, as the process time for an average production batch (400 parts) remains under 30 minutes. With it’s high accuracy, the machine ensures each part ends up where it belongs.

Tailored to your Environment

The AM-Vision machine is custom built for you. It will be optimized for you printer farm, include a conveyor in- and output of your preference (or an AGV passage) and is compliant with local regulations.

Immediate Savings

The high performance of the AM-Vision system delivers a quick return on investment. With the “Pay as you Grow” financing program, you start earning money the minute you prevent adding one FTE. The more volume you process, the better the equation gets. A 3D-printing factory producing a 1000 parts per day will see a payback period of one year.

Global Support

Our priority is to ensure you meet your throughput levels by providing excellent customer service. Our all-in SLA includes remote & on-site assistance, as well as product training, daily reporting, all spare parts, software maintenance and the latest updates.

Getting started has never been easier

Our four step approach to industrial automation.

Business case

A benchmark study of your information technology (IT) and operational environment.


Implementation of AMVision in your IT and operational environment.

Go Live

AMVision is fully operational in your factory for automated part identification.

Global service

Our support team ensures your business is always on.







22” Display console with touchscreen interface
WxLxH: 110 x 110 x 150 cm

Recommended installation space
WxLxH: 180 x 180 x 200 cm
100 kg
1200 parts per hour

Scanrobot small Scanrobot medium Scanrobot large
20 x 25 x 33 cm 34 x 34 x 60 cm 70 x 38 x 58 cm

PA11 (PA1100), PA12 (PA2200), Alumide

95% recognition first time right
100% recognition top 3
0% false positives
- Visual search algorithms
- Operator user interface
- API ERP/MES integration

110V / 220V

10/100/1000 Ethernet port

NVidia GeForce GTX 1080
Intel i7-8700K
16Gb RAM
500Gb NVMe ssd drive

Industrial grade Basler cameras

“Pay as you Grow” program

View our Financing solutions.

Pay per part

The AM-Vision solution is available in a Pay-per-Part model. This way you can access the great benefits of AM-Vision, with minimum investment upfront.

Lease the AM-Vision

The AM-Vision solution is available in a lease model. The lease model provides you a hybrid solution for your factory of the future.                                                                  

Buy the AM-Vision

The AM-Vision solution is available to buy. This model provides you full ownership of the solution for your factory of the future.