May 2021

Oceanz and AM-Flow take the next step in intensive cooperation

Oceanz 3D Printing and AM Flow announced an intensive collaboration in March 2020. With this collaboration, both parties gave their commitment to developing fully automated Additive Manufacturing production lines. Since then, steps have been taken in creating end-to-end automation for Oceanz’s 3D printing process. This May, the addition of a customized AM-SORT was festively celebrated with champagne and cake.

Oceanz and AM-FLOW take the next step in intensive cooperationOn the photo fltr Stefan Rink (AM-Flow), Erik van der Garde , Johan Rigter and Dennis van Deest (Oceanz 3D Printing)

At the production facility of Oceanz, the company has installed two integrated modules – AM-VISION and AM-SORT – which are now fully in the production. The AM-VISION provides fast automated identification of 3D printed parts. The accompanying AM-SORT, developed to sort parts quickly and with care with the patented flippers especially developed for the high variety of 3D printed parts, ensures that identified models are guided to the next process step.

With these modules, Oceanz is not only able to save on costs, time and workflow efficiency, the main added value is that Oceanz is now able to follow each model in its production process (Track & Trace). This is not only practical and efficient; it forms the foundation of 100% control of the 3D printing process, which is important for various Oceanz’ customers, such as the medical sector.

Next steps 
Both companies are now working on building warehouse automation as part of the Track & Trace system, and on automated quality control for 3D printed objects. 

Stefan Rink, CEO AM-Flow: “Common sense and hands-on approach has allowed us to take steps so quickly. We look forward to a long further collaboration to make Oceanz even stronger”.

Erik van der Garde and Stefan Rink celebrating the next in Post Process Workflow AutomationStefan Rink & Erik van der Garde celebrating the moment

Erik van der Garde, CEO Oceanz 3D Printing: “This collaboration confirms our own down to earth and practical mentality, and the pleasant collaboration with AM-Flow as a 3D workflow automation specialist, working towards a shared vision of the market. This application is necessary to take the next step and fits perfectly with the future demands and, therefore, with Oceanz”. 

About Oceanz
Oceanz is a professional 3D printing company with extensive experience in the 3D printing market, 3D printing environments and 3D printing professionals. We are active in various markets such as medical, Automotive and Aerospace.

We continually seek to broaden our experience and seek out novelties and innovations. Together with clients, we develop and create 3D printing innovations that impact the production processes, resulting in cost efficiencies, reduction of failure costs and increasing production capacity.