The ultimate

high speed,

gentle touch

sortation conveyor.

The fastest and most

careful sorter on the market!

Together, the AM-VISION and the AM-SORT form the ultimate high speed, gentle handling sorting station.

In combination with the AM-VISION, AM-SORT forms a complete 3D printing sorting solution for even your fragile products.
The AM-VISION provides the identification, the AM-SORT ensures that the identified objects are directed to the correct next process-step, enabling effective handling by recombining the one-piece to a batch in which all products have the same follow-up. The AM-SORT is custom built to fit seamlessly in the existing production workflow.

Tailored to your environment

The AM-SORT is custom built for you. The design is modular, easily expandable and pre-wired. Items are discharged to either side of the conveyor, at right-angles, enabling a optimal use of sortation space. Depending on the amount of follow-up processing steps you have in your factory, you define the amount of sorting docks. It is even possible to virtually group products to minimize the amount of dock needed.

Fast and versatile

The setup consists of a long conveyor belt, with on it sides cross-oriented, retractable arms. On these arms are patented ‘fingers’. These ‘fingers’ are specifically designed to handle 3D-printed products with a large form differentiation, and are proven to work even with the most fragile, light, pointy, or even ‘business-card’-flat products. With this system you can process all the product coming through the AM-VISION at an astonishing 17280 products per day!

Ease of use

The AM-SORT occupies only a small amount of space. It’s safe, low noise, has efficient 24-volt motor driven rollers requiring no lubrication.

“Pay as you Grow” program

View our Financing solutions.

Pay per part

The AM-SORT solution is available in a Pay-per-Part model. This way you can access the great benefits of the AM-SORT, with minimum investment upfront.

Lease the AM-Sort

The AM-SORT solution is available in a lease model. The lease model provides you a hybrid solution for your factory of the future.

Buy the AM-Sort

The AM-SORT solution is available to buy. This model provides you full ownership of the solution for your factory of the future.