Digital manufacturing
at your fingertips.

Connecting the dots in end to
end digital manufacturing!

AM-Logic provides the digital brain, nervous system and muscle enabling your factory to run on steroids.
Your existing IT architecture and the AM-Flow solutions need to be integrated in a seamless way. The AM-Logics software suite contains APIs for both traditional and 3D printing CAD/CAM, ERP, MES and PLM systems. Static or mobile operator consoles are provided so that everywhere in your factory, you have the digital back-bone of your factory at your fingertips

AI & Machine learning

Over the years we built up a deep understanding of model geometry, artificial intelligence and machine learning. We developed our prorietary 3D-model search engine, enabling fast and accurate levels of recognition.

ERP / MES API integration

Digital manufacturing is as successful as the integration of your preferred best-of-breed applications and your machinery. Since the domain of additive manufacturing is developing rapidly, you can rely on us providing you with change support and seamless connectivity over time.

Operator consoles network

All machines come with an industrial operator console and the AM-Logic software included. You can order extra consoles, providing digital traceability and enabling you to visually keep track of your order flow and routing through-out your factory.

User-friendly interface

Processing high mix and high volume should be fully automated as much as possible to prevent mistakes. The remaining tasks are supported by AM-Logic’s clear and insightful touch-screen interface.

Enjoy the peace of speeding bits and bytes

In a fully digitized environment.