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Fast, flexible and cost

effective  automated bagging

AM-BAGGING is a bag and label unit that can efficiently print high resolution text, graphics and bar codes directly onto bags and present them for ready for shipping. Pairing the AM-BAGGING with system-matched AM-SORT ensures quick and efficient handling of 3D printed parts.

Variable bag size

This compact bagging machine supports bag sizes from 50 x 100 mm to 265 x 420 mm.

Automated loading

Ultimate automated loading system, bringing simplicity, versatility and value to your work flow. Operating at speeds up to 25 bags per minute the system offers you innovative engineering with a Next-bag-out printing feature to ensure greater accuracy and eliminates product queuing in order fulfilment.

Customized Labeling

Customize your bags with high resolution graphics, text and bar codes, eliminating the need for a separate labeling operation.

“Pay as you Grow” program

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Pay per part

The AM-BAGGING & LABELING solution is available in a Pay-per-Part model. This way you can access the great benefits of the AM-BAGGING with minimum investment upfront.

Lease the AM-BAGGING

The AM-BAGGING & LABELING solution is available in a lease model. The lease model provides you a hybrid solution for your factory of the future.


The AM-BGGING & LABELING solution is available to buy. This model provides you full ownership of the solution for your factory of the future.