Improving Lead Times,
Reducing workload.

AM-FEED conveyor: the pinnacle of automation enhancement for AM production lines.

Together with the AM-VISION and the AM-SORT, the AM-FEED complements the ultimate high speed, gentle handling recognition and sorting station.


Improved Lead Times

AM-FEED is more than a stand-alone solution: it drives up the performance of the entire production line. With the capability to process a full build in less than 10 minutes with additional AM-Flow solutions, it elevates the efficiency of the full system by ensuring consistent automatic input.

Reduce Workloads

Another standout feature is its ability to drastically reduce workload. Imagine the time savings and productivity boost when you can load an entire build in a mere 30 seconds. No more prolonged waiting or manual interventions: in line with the Japanese philosophy of ‘Jidoka’, human work is now separated from machine work. The AM-FEED conveyor is not just about speed; it’s about transforming the way you manage your production line, giving you more time to focus on other crucial aspects of your operations.


A true testament to innovation, ensuring consistency and precision throughout

The AM-Feed is custom built to fit seamlessly in the existing production workflow

More info about the AM-FEED

The AM-FEED is available, get in touch for more information.