December 2021 | Aalter (Belgium), Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Ziggzagg invests in AM-Flow’s complete end-to-end workflow automation technology for its Smart AM Factory.

Ziggzagg, the Belgian 3D printing service provider and pioneer in adopting HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, invests in AM-Flow’s broad range of additive manufacturing workflow automation solutions as the basis of its digital factory in Aalter, starting with the AM-VISION and the AM-SORT. In addition, both parties agreed to partner in the further development of factory automation, such as tracking & tracing, bin-picking, and packaging.

Ziggzagg invest in AM-Flow end-to-end workflow automation for AMOn the photo: Stefan Rink (AM-Flow), Stijn Paridaens & Michaël Vandezande (Ziggzagg)

From prototyping to mass production
New and faster 3D printing technologies have enabled the production of medium to even large series of more than 200,000 products with Additive Manufacturing for industrial applications. Design, order process, and 3D printing are completely digital, and now it is also necessary to fully automate cleaning, post-treatment, identification, sorting, transport, packaging, and labeling, reducing manual handling substantially if not completely. Investing in AM-Flow’s robotics technology and AI software, Ziggzagg is taking an important step in creating a fully automated Industry 4.0 Smart AM Factory.

“With our fleet of HP MJF 3D printers, we are getting close to the production speeds and costs of injection molding. By implementing AM-Flow’s workflow automation technology, we can realize a fully digital production at lower costs.” According to Stijn Paridaens, CEO Ziggzagg.

Part traceability as an essential element of a controlled workflow
With this partnership, AM-Flow and Ziggzagg will focus on the automatic routing and tracking of all 3D-printed products throughout production. From batch to one-piece flow and vice versa. The benefits are substantial as Ziggzagg will obtain a complete overview of the flow of large numbers of customer orders, a reduction of errors, reduction of costs and shorter delivery times.

Stefan Rink (CEO AM-Flow) “Ziggzagg shows that Additive Manufacturing offers a serious alternative to traditional mass-production methods. To be able to further scale up this production at lower costs, the entire digital workflow must be optimally set up and repetitive, manual processes must be kept to a minimum. With our AM-Flow technology, we can offer them this end-to-end industrialization.”

About Ziggzagg
Ziggzagg was founded in 2010 and is a leading player in the world of additive manufacturing. They offer additional production capacity, product design optimization and flexibility within short lead times resulting in a competitive advantage for their customers.

Ziggzagg focuses on industrial quality MJF printed parts: from serial production prototyping to supplying spare parts. With one of the leading and largest HP MJF fleets in Europe, they are valuable to customers with AM market knowledge and a clear vision of the challenges ahead in the traditional supply chain.

Ziggzagg is present in various markets, including medical, automotive, design & industrial volume production. Consultancy (DfAM) and digital spare-parts management are some of the different services they offer.

Through their ISO9001 & ISO13485 certification they guarantee their customers the quality they need.