5 February 2021

TCT Podcast #53 Additive Insight: AM-Flow talks demand for additive manufacturing workflow automation

“Additive manufacturing is not just a choice for a kind of manufacturing technology, it’s a manufacturing strategy choice.”“If we have people doing all that work, our additive manufacturing industry is not scalable.

On this week’s episode of Additive Insight, our Executive Interview series continues with a conversation with Carlos Zwikker, Chief Commercial Officer at AM-Flow

The Netherlands-based start-up is a developer of automation technologies which tackle the post-printing parts of the AM production workflow. Combining 3D-shape identification and a mix of hardware and software intelligence, AM Flow addresses those important end-to-end process steps which need to be considered in order to position additive manufacturing as a scalable production technology.

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Speaking with TCT Head of Content, Laura Griffiths, Zwikker discusses the company’s latest developments, why these solutions will be necessary for 3D printing to reach its true manufacturing potential, and the readiness of the AM market for this level of automation.