17 January | Amsterdam

Alexandre d’Orsetti of Sculpteo signs contract with AM-Flow for AM-VISION, AM-SORT and AM-BAGGING.

Sculpteo, the leading online 3D printing service provider in France, has recently signed a contract at our development centre in Amsterdam to purchase the AM-Flow system.

l.t.r. Stefan Rink CEO AM-Flow, Alexandre d’Orsetti CEO Sculpteo, Marion Timmermans Sales Director AM-Flow

This cutting-edge system will revolutionize Sculpteo’s production process by using advanced vision technology to identify parts, automate sorting and label & bagging capabilities.

Marion Timmermans, Sales Director of the company that developed the AM-Flow system, said, “We were honoured to have Alexandre d’Orsetti, CEO of Sculpteo, visit us in Amsterdam and are thrilled to continue our work with Sculpteo on this project. A huge shout-out to Alexandre and his team for choosing our company and for their continued trust in our products and services.”

At Formnext 2022, Hugo Ploegmakers had the opportunity to talk with Alexandre about the increased presence of automation systems and robots. He believes that automation is a key part of additive manufacturing and will lead to increased profitability, efficiency, and quality. He also discussed the bottleneck of high mix parts and the need for quality control in the industry.

“The AM-Flow system not only brings assistance in sorting parts, but also offers an opportunity to rethink and redesign our production flow. It’s not just about incorporating a machine, but also adding more quality control earlier in the steps. Ultimately, AM-Flow presents a way for us to improve not just sorting, but the entire flow.” According to Alexandre d’Orsetti, CEO of Sculpteo

With the support of the AM-Flow system, Sculpteo will continue to automate its factory, and the commitment of both companies will make this partnership a great success.

Sculpteo, founded in 2009 and acquired by BASF 3D Printing Solutions in 2019, is also committed to sustainability and environmental policies. The company uses additive manufacturing to offer new manufacturing opportunities for both prototypes and finished products, helping companies overcome the constraints of traditional manufacturing methods. Sculpteo’s online platform is intuitive and easy to use, allowing customers to optimize and analyse their 3D models, receive an instant quote, and send their parts to production with just a few clicks.