16 January 2023

Ralf Deuke of Creabis in conversation with Hugo Ploegmakers at Formnext 2022

At Formnext, our Director of Products, Hugo Ploegmakers, interviewed some of our customers about their views on the Additive Manufacturing industry. He spoke with Ralf Deuke of Creabis, a company that began producing pre-serial and serial applications in 2011. They process around 250,000 parts per year, ranging from small to large parts up to 1 meter in size.

Hugo asked Ralf about the considerations that led Creabis to opt-in with AM-Flow. Ralf stated that the decision was based on two main factors: the need to physically utilize an ERP/MES system in production, and the difficulty in finding people to do the job, making the ability to work at night and on weekends with machines a great advantage, especially during the COVID crisis.

Look and listen to the complete interview and stay tuned to the other interviews of our running reporter Hugo.

Ralf also emphasized the importance of automation and control in the production process for Creabis. They have implemented an ERP/MES system and AM-Flow VISION technology to achieve this.

The benefits of these systems include moving towards a paperless production and the ability to track parts and where they are in the production process. Automation also allows them to work more efficiently, even when staff is not in the office, and to meet the increasing demand for production. The implementation of these systems has been key to the success of the company, and they plan to continue innovating and improving their production process.

About Creabis GmbH
As an innovative company, Creabis offers e-Manufacturing / rapid prototyping with the latest technology. Ideas become reality overnight! We are expert in creating, producing, finishing complex components and small series with additive manufacturing processes.

Using innovative materials and production processes, this young company is focusing in order to have the perfect answers to the various challenges. Thereby, the Creabis stands for short communication routes, project planning, fast order processing, transparent price policy and comprehensive know-how.