18 January 2022

Anthony Graves (HP 3D Printing) in conversation with AM-Flow

At Formnext 2021, Carlos had the privilege to have a conversation with Anthony Graves, Senior Director, Head of Software Product and Strategy, Digital Manufacturing at HP.

During this interview, Carlos informs about Anthony’s vision, experiences and developments within the additive manufacturing industry alongside traditional manufacturing companies.

“we’ve been talking with some of our partners, and other OEMs about how we can promote this learning,  and reduce the learning curve for people to be able to scale up their business.

Because I can tell you there is no company within this entire expo selling enough printers, selling enough post-processing equipment, and these companies have to scale in order for this industry to remain healthy. We can’t afford to lose any of these companies because the industry isn’t scaling fast enough. We might lose some incredible technology that would have enabled an explosion, and growth of additive.” Anthony Graves

Hot topics are the scalability of production through automation and what is needed within the industry to produce at the lowest possible cost.

If this interview gave you food for thought, and if you know how we supported Ziggzagg in automating their AM production factory read this news item: Ziggzagg invests in AM-Flow’s complete end-to-end workflow automation technology for its Smart AM Factory.