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Series Identification

Apart from identification based on geometry, identification of 3D printed parts can also be based on character recognition.

AM-ID is our character recognition solution. Although character recognition is nothing new, in 3D printing the clue is to be able to read characters against the same background they are printed in. AM-ID is the unique solution that offers fast and reliable OCR identification results.


Live OCR

The AM-ID kiosk performs fast and accurate Optical Character Recognition on full-color 3d printed surfaces, even if the text is blurred, deformed or semi transparent.

Seamless Integration

AM-ID integrates seamlessly with your proprietary API or ERP/EMS platform of choice and automates the manual labour involved in identification and electronic handling.

Multi Tag Recognition

Ideal for series with human readable serial numbers and can also be configured to recognise Direct Part markings, QR- and barcodes.

AM-ID is your tabletop solution

Speed up your process

3D Parts with identifier

3D printed parts can be produced with or without an identifier. Mostly this is without an identifier which requires identification on the basis of geometry.

However, some successful applications like eye wear frames and dental prints do use identifiers as these are personalized objects. In addition, in series production parts can also be tagged with identifiers.


Reduce Cost Per Part

AM-ID is your tabletop solution to quickly identify any character identifier on a 3D printed part.

AM-ID not only identifies the part, the AM-Logic software feeds back identification data to your MES and can enable label printing on the spot – with AM-ID you have a fully digital ID process that will reduce process- and lead-times and cost per part.


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