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AMS 2021

09-10 February




Stefan Rink

Automation Rapid Manufacturing + Software

09 February 2:10 pm

Stefan Rink will focus on how a new generation of AM will become part of the factory-of-the-future boosting throughput, controlling quality, reducing cost and speeding time to market.

You will also hear how AM is transforming from being a batch process to a continuous process better fit for a volume production setting.


  • Moderator: Scott Dunham
    Executive Vice President of Research, SmarTech Analysis
  • Speaker 1: Stefan Rink
    CEO, AM-Flow
  • Speaker 2: Todd Grimm
    President, T. A. Grimm & Associates, Inc.
  • Speaker 3: Arno Gramsma
    Co-founder, AMPC Solutions b.v.
  • Speaker 4: David Tucker
    Director of Digital Solutions, Forecast 3D


AMS 2021

Additive Manufacturing Strategies

AMS 2021 offers 40+ expert speakers in an online environment optimized for attendees and speakers to exchange experiences and conduct business.

Each day opens with a presentation by a SmarTech analyst of our forecasts of the topics of the day. SmarTech is the most highly regarded market forecast firm in the AM space and maintains a constantly updated database of ten-year AM forecasts covering printers, materials, and services with highly granular breakouts in each sector.



of AM

The next challenge: Workflow automation of 3D printing

Currently, identification and sorting is done through manual labour. Add one more printer upfront to grow your 3D printing output, add two to three people at the back end to process the additional output.

As labour costs will start to increase the price per part comes under pressure and starts growing, thus, impacting the competitive strength of 3D printing compared to traditional manufacturing technologies. Automation is the way out of this loop.​