15 June 2022

AM-Flow’s AM-VISION, AM-SORT and AM-LOGIC fully operational at Creabis GmbH automating their Additive Manufacturing process.

Creabis GmbH, an experienced and highly professional additive manufacturing supplier located near Munich, Germany, invested in two integrated modules – AM-VISION and AM-SORT, both supported by the AM-LOGIC software suite – to automate their workflow after the parts are 3D printed. Following an initial testing period, the AM-Flow system is now fully operational to process 1000’s of parts a day.

The AM-VISION provides fast automated identification of 3D printed parts. The accompanying AM-SORT, developed to sort parts quickly and with care, with the patented flippers especially developed for the high variety of 3D printed parts, ensures that identified models are guided to the correct next process step. The AM-LOGIC software suite guarantees seamless integration of all AM-Flow’s modules into the factory’s existing IT architecture, enabling access to the entire digital backbone at all times through static or mobile operating consoles.

With these modules, Creabis will not only save on costs, time and workflow efficiency, but will also be able to follow each model in its production process (Track &Trace), providing the foundation for 100% control of the 3D printing process.

Ralf Deuke, CEO Creabis GmbH: “As a company we focus on the perfect satisfaction of customer’s requirements. This is only possible with investing in leading edge technology like Vision technology, AI and automated sorting from AM-Flow that supports our team to deliver the perfect component from start to finish”.

Marion Timmermans, Sales Director AM-Flow: “We are happy to support Creabis in their next step to create a fully digital Additive Manufacturing workflow. Our end-to-end AM workflow solution will support them to shorten lead times and the ability to scale up their production without extra manual labour“.

About Creabis GmbH
As an innovative company, Creabis offers e-Manufacturing / rapid prototyping with the latest technology. Ideas become reality overnight! We are expert in creating, producing, finishing complex components and small series with additive manufacturing processes.

Using innovative materials and production processes, this young company is focusing in order to have the perfect answers to the various challenges. Thereby, the Creabis stands for short communication routes, project planning, fast order processing, transparent price policy and comprehensive know-how.